Andy is a Business Coach in Pretoria East. 

A certified ActionCOACH, with an BA Hons in Psychology, an MBA and owns and operates an ActionCOACH Franchise out of Pretoria East. Andy’s ActionCOACH programme is designed to give you both short-term assistance and long-term training through his affordable and effective mentoring approach.

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Andy can help any owner of a small to medium-size business who already runs a successful business, but knows it is capable of more.

Andy believes: 

  • “An 'I-know-it-all' attitude is not conducive to anyone’s learning experience.”
  • “Having an abundant family life while running a successful business is not only entirely possible, but essential for optimal business growth.”

Ideal clients

Generally, businesses that have been operating for at least five years, with a minimum of five staff and at least R5-million turnover, are ideal clients for Andy to help take their business to the next level.

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  • Andy has been in the trenches for over 19-years working in SMEs as Owner, Director, General Manager, experiencing first hand the highs and lows, the challenges, pressures etc. of businesses.

  • Andy's passion is family. His believes in ‘Abundant families through changed Business Owners’. With Andy it will be possible to run a successful business and to lead an abundant family life.

  • Andy is a mix of soft and hard. Being a pleasant person he is easy to get along with, but don't be fooled - he will hold you accountable and won't let you off easily.

  • Andy is consistent and disciplined. He has met his weekly Vitality fitness goals for 200 consecutive weeks. He brings these qualities to the coaching relationship.

Andy Hofmeyr I need an Expert Profile Image
Andy Hofmeyr I need an Expert Profile Image
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  • Is your business still dependent on you?
    Does the buck stop with you? Is it lonely? Have no-one to bounce ideas off? No-one to hold you accountable?
  • Are you are working hard but are feeling stuck? You know you and your business are capable of much more, but you are not sure what has to happen to move your business to the next level.
  • Are you increasingly feeling torn between work and family and feeling guilty about not spending the time you want with your family?
  • You are technically brilliant, but have never been exposed to what else it takes to run a successful business.
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Through business coaching Andy helps Business Owners change the way they think about themselves and their businesses.

Using his qualifications and 19 plus years experience in SMEs together with the globally proven ActionCOACH systems, Andy guides you the Business Owner to build better businesses through coaching you to set goals and plan and to implement strategies that are in line with your goals. Andy asks you questions that will cause you to dig deep.

Andy will hold you accountable for what you commit to, and help build your confidence. In the process we may work on many aspects of your business.

Ultimately the goal is to build a commercial profitable enterprise that can run without you and allow you to lead an abundant family life.

I Need an Expert - WHY Section
I Need an Expert - WHY Section


  Don't Take OUR              WORD FOR IT
  Don't Take OUR WORD FOR IT

Andy understands, he knows what the right questions are, he knows what we should be doing and he helps us to fulfil a lot of the missing puzzle pieces as it were. We have progressed a tremendous amount. The way we think about business, the way we interact with our clients has changed. So for us, it has been a very big benefit. Andy has been fantastic and I would recommend him anytime.

Ben Symington



I've definitely worked ON my business, rather than IN it, at least 30% more since I’ve been with Andy … he’s helped me keep my eye on the ball of what really is important … I actually build on the goals that I set myself and that I know are important for the business in the long run … with Andy it’s been an amazing journey, well worth the investment.

Michael Broadhurst


SpotOn Consulting

GrowthClub (90 day planning) "is a must for all business owners. We owe it to ourselves to take the time to create a plan that we can put into action.”

Lizette Breytenbach


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